Seperate beauty treatments

Combination dyeing eyebrows + plucking or waxing eyebrows €30,-
Dyeing eyebrows & Waxing upper lip €30,-
Dyeing Eyelashes & Eyebrows €30,-
Dying Eyelashes & plucking or waxing eyebrows €30,-
Dying Eyelashes & waxing upperlip €30,-
Plucking or waxing eyebrows & waxing upperlip €30,-
Waxing upperlip and chin €30,-
Dying eyelashes & eyebrows + waxing or plucking eyebrows. €30,-
Dying eyelashes & eyebrows + waxing or plucking eyebrows & waxing upperlip or chin €30,-
Dying eyelashes & eyebrows + waxing eyebrows & upperlip & chin €30,-

Facial Treatments + optional modules

“Extenso basic facial treatment” or  “Malima behandeling luxe” (surface cleansing & removal of impurities, deep cleansing treatment, steambath, crème mask, finalizing with day- and eyecare) €64,95
Plucking Eyebrows €9,95
Waxing Eyebrows €9,95
Waxing Upper lip €9,95
Waxing Chin €9,95
Dyeing Eyebrows €9,95
Dyeing Eyelashes €9,95
Eye mask €9,95
Ampoule / concentrate €9,95


Attention! – the modules above are only possible in combination with the Extenso basic facial treatment.

Special skin care and enhancing facials

“Extenso mini face lift” (cleaning, deep cleaning, aplying lifting ampoule, connective tissue massage of the décolleté, neck and face, firming mask + eye and daycreme) €119,95
“Murad treatment Light” €89,95
“Murad treatment Medium” €84,95
“Murad treatment Intensive” €119,95
“Murad Retinol treatment Basic” €74,95

Body treatments

Waxing back €30,-

All prices are including VAT and are susceptible to change
You can pay with debit card of cash.

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